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Somewhat of A Catastrophe

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Somewhat of A Catastrophe Empty Somewhat of A Catastrophe

Post  demure-x-demeanor on Sun Mar 29, 2009 1:09 pm

This is my main story I'm working on, although I have others too. I've been working on it for a while as I get closer to making this more formal. You know, editing and stuff. There are so many typos right now xD
This can't be happening. It can't be. I repeated those words over and over in my head until they had lost all meaning. Really though, how was this happening? I had taken all the necessary precautions. I spent 2 hours erasing his name of all my notebooks. In fact, I had erased so much that my books now smelt like a toxic mix of blueberry, watermelon, and grape from those scented Foohy erasers. By the time I was done, there shouldn't have been a single "Cole" left on any of my school supplies.

The reason I had to erase everything was because we got new seats in math yesterday. And of course, I'm at Cole's table. It was so hard yesterday making sure he didn't see my doodling. I even got in trouble with Ms. Gerwin for not having my book out.

But today I thought I wouldn't need to pretend I forgot my notebook or my binder. I was ready for this. So why is it right now I'm in a panic? Well, it just so happens that I didn't get rid of all my scribblings. And right now Cole Peter Twint was reading the last remaining "Cole", scrawled out in pink gel pen on my pencil case.

My face felt flushed, my tongue swollen. I could feel my heart beating so fast that I thought it was going to jump right out of chest, off my desk, out the window, and into oncoming traffic. And quiet frankly, that would have been better than what happened next.

"Hey..." Cole said, looking half at the pencil case and half at me.
"Yeah?" I squeaked. He caught me. I was dead. I'm such an idiot. I'm such an idiot.
"This says my name on it" he said, confused. God, he looks so cute when he was confused.
"Uhm, uh, it does? Uh...let me see that" I said as I snached it out of his hands. I knew it was there, but something inside me told me to check again. Yup, there it was, the single pink Cole.
He shrugged his sholders. "It's cool."
I choked on my own tongue. "WHAT?"
He shrugged again. "I mean, it's okay that you wrote my name on your pencil case. It's not a big deal."
Alright, change of plans. He's the idiot. Because it was a HUGE deal. Maybe not writing the name on the pencil case, but this whole obsession. The thousand pages in my journal dedicated to him. The box with stuff he gave me, like the wrapper from the gum he gave me in fourth period study hall with Ms. Parlean last Tuesday. Yeah, if he know that he would not be "cool" with it.
"Okay," I stammered, "well, then, uh, I guess we should just keep working on math. What'd you get for problem 5?"
Then we just worked, like that whole, earth shattering moment never happened. The whole class I kept touching my face, like when you feel like there is something on your cheek like frosting from a big cupcake, or maybe some dirt, or puke or something. But nothing was there, just embarrassment.
When I got home, Mom wasn't hope. She runs this big catering business, so she was probably just meeting some clients. I grabbed a soda out of the fridge and headed up to my room. When I got there, the first thing I did was check out the window. Cole lives across the street from me, but 3 houses down, so I can see his house from my window. His mom's SUV wasn't in the driveway, and his house looked pretty dark, but it was safe to bet he wasn't home.

PerfectI thought to myself as I got down on my knees and reached under my bed, pulling out my Cole box. Actually, it's not really a box; it's one of those old metal lunch boxes that I used in elementary school. It was a hello kitty one, and a lot of the paint had chipped off so now it looked like some one eyed cat from a horror movie. I unhooked the pink clasp and out came the memories. My Cole box was stuffed full. I fingered through the old things; each one held a memory different than the one before it. There was a piece of the shirt that got torn when we climbed trees in his yard in 3rd grade.There was also one of those cartoon valentines that you give to everyone in the class from god knows when and a chewed up pencil stub that I salvaged from when his backpack had opened up and dumped over on the bus one time. Just as I was rereading the love note he send to Susan James in the first grade (I stole it from her little cubby back then) there was a loud banging on the door.

I shoved the box back underneath my bed and got up to answer the door. I turned the nob and my best friend Maria came bursting in. Maria's mom is Spanish, so Maria had these crazy kinky curls and her hair was this cool brownish blonde color. I've alway been kind of jealous of Maria. She wasn't one of those really pretty girls, but she had the best personality. Maria was the type of girl who said whatever was on her mind, even if no one wanted to hear it. Plus Maria was tall and had the coolest ethnic background ever. I mean, she is part Spanish and part polish; I'm part French Canadian and part geek.
"Oh my god. I can't believe it" she screamed.
****, has word about my Cole pencil case incident gotten around that fast? I mean, I know my school is like the drama information high highway, but really?
"What?" I said, pretending I had no idea what she was talking about.
"Have you seen him? Have you SEEN him" she screeched.
Now I really didn't know what she was talking about.
"Maria, what's going on?" I questioned.
"The new kid. There is a new kid. His name is Trevor Finch and he just moved here from BRITAIN. " Maria said. She was screeching so high that I thought she was trying to do bird calls or something.
I'd never met anyone from Britain before. Naturally, I asked what any normal girl would ask.
"Is he cute?"
"IS HE CUTE? IS HE CUTE? Actually, I don't know. But I've heard he looks like some god or something. I heard his parents are like international pop stars and he vacation in Fiji and his dad like owns half of the property on the moon!" she exclaimed. Yup, she's doing bird calls for sure.
I doubted what she said was true, but at the time I was still in shock. I mean, a hot British kid with rich parents who lived on the moon or something? How often does that happen?

The rest of that afternoon was one of our typical "girl talk" sessions. I told Maria about my tragic pencil case mishap and she told me about the Physics test she totally bombed. After what seemed like 20 pounds of popcorn and Twizzlers, I had pretty much forgot about my Cole box, which still lay open under my bed the whole time.

The next morning when I got up I could smell pancakes. They smelt so good, and there is nothing like waking up to those fluffy cakes. It's going to be a good day I thought as I picked out my outfit. By the time I had finished getting ready for school, the aroma of pancakes had filled the whole house. I went down stairs, ate my fair share, and headed off to the bus stop. I was so distracted by the lingering taste of pancakes in my mouth that I didn't really notice where I was going until...

"Oh my god. I'm sorry. I wasn' were...pancakes" I said like a bumbling idiot. I had just walked into Cole and his books when flying.
"It's fine." he said calmly, picking up his stuff. He always handled things like this so...not dramatically. I meanwhile was trying to think of every possible way to hide under a rock forever without being noticed.
I was in the midst of trying to decide if I wanted to crawl under a piece of granite or some other type of rock when Cole pipped up.
"So...did you hear about the new kid? Trevor or something?" he asked me.
"Yeah, Maria told me about him" I replied.
He nodded. "I heard that he was gonna be drafted on some World Cup soccer team but he turned them down."
"I heard that there are a lot of rumors going around" I said, with a hint of sarcasm in voice. God, I hope he gets the joke and doesn't think I'm some big jerk.
He got the joke, I'm assuming because he laughed. So either I'm not a complete comedic failure, or I had something funny in between my teeth. Probably the second one.
After Cole and I wrapped up our conversation, which continued until his friend Joshua got on the bus, I spent the rest of the bus ride looking out the window. Sometimes I liked to just watch the trees, the houses, and the little winer dogs roll past. It made me feel like I was higher than them, higher than everyone else. And just for those moments, as I watched the town whirl by me in a confusing daze, I felt like nothing could hurt me.

My brain snapped back to reality when the bus driver hit a huge pothole. I felt like I flew 20 feet above my seat, when I actually only jumped a little. So much for nothing can hurt me. . Soon we pulled up the school. Everything was so familiar, yet I felt like I hadn't been there for days. When I got of the bus, I was greeted by a huge mob of people going the opposite direction that I was. Swerving through the massive sea of kids with huge backpacks, couples holding hands, and the gym teacher Mr. Smithson, I realized that today would not be a good day.

When I finally arrived at my locker, I noticed that the one next to me wasn't unoccupied anymore. Instead, there was a semi tall, very cute guy. He had short, curly brown hair and before I had gotten all my textbooks out, I heard him speak. However, he spoke in the most beautiful British accent. Oh my god. The new kid's locker is next to mine.

"Um, excuse me Miss, but I'm 'aving some troubles with my lock," he said, pointing to his padlock. "Back in Britain we didn't use these things."
I reached my hand over and placed it on the lock. "What's your combination?"
"My what? I don't think I quite follow you." he said with a definite confusion in his voice.
"The numbers that you put in to open it. Did they give you a combination at the main office? They should have given you a combination." I replied.
"Oh, well, they did give me this paper, " he said handing me his schedule which has his locker combination written at the bottom. I opened up his lock then did it again to show him how to do it.
"Thank you. I think I'll try it now" he said, working his fingers to rotate the dial. When it made that distinct "pop" noise, he looked back at me with so much excitement.
"I did it!" he exclaimed. "Thank you. My name is Trevor, and as you probably have guessed, I'm new here."
Something weird was happening. I was talking to a guy and I didn't feel like my throat was closing up. I wasn't throwing up on his shoes or even thinking of that. I was just talking to him normally, and had been for like 10 minutes. What was going on?
"I'm Clara," I smiled, "this my locker". I pointed to the locker next to his.
"Is it really? Then I guess I'm quite a jammy fellow," he said back, slightly grinning.
"What?" I said. I assumed jammy was British slang for like..."Oh no, I can't believe my locker is next to this girl."
"Jammy. Oh, I'm sorry. You probably don't say that much here. It means...lucky."
"What?" I said again, this time more confused.
"Well, seeing as the first person I met here who is also going to be 'aving a locker next to me is very nice, I am pretty lucky. Plus, I think she is very pretty." He closed his locker and looked at me head on. "And she 'as nice eyes."
That's when I realized he was talking about me. And that's when I dropped my math textbook to the ground and sprinted away. Guy freakout mode strikes again.
See next post.

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Somewhat of A Catastrophe Empty Re: Somewhat of A Catastrophe

Post  demure-x-demeanor on Sun Mar 29, 2009 1:10 pm

When I got to my first period class, math, Cole was already at my table. Helen, the petite Asian girl who also sat with us was there too, but she was talking to her friend. I hurried in, sat down, and tried to catch my breath. I had sprinted up 2 flights of stairs, and I felt like I had just run a marathon. Cole was just watching me pant, which made me feel like a loser who couldn't run.
"Woah, are you okay?" he finally asked.
"Yeah, I just..." I trailed off. "Crud, I left my textbook by my locker!"
"Again? Jeez, Clara, are you ever gonna bring your book to class?" he teased. He chuckled and just then the bell rang. As it chimed, the stragglers rushed into class and tried to get to their desks in time. The last late comer was someone familiar to me, even though the rest of the class had never seen him. He walked up to Ms. Gerwin and handed her a sheet of paper. Out of the corner of my eye, I thought he winked at me. I think Helen saw it too, because she looked over at me.
"I'm new. I'm Trevor" he told Ms. Gerwin.
"Ah yes, the boy from Britain. Take a seat" she said, looking down at her attendance sheet.
"But where should I be sitting?" Trevor asked her.
"Well," Ms Gerwin said, scanning the room for empty seats. "There, next to Helen. "
I got that feeling of having no air again. My tongue was dry, like it couldn't produce spit or anything similar. Trevor. Cole. My table.

When Trevor sat down, he pulled something out his backpack and handed it to me. My math textbook.
"I think this yours" he said, handing it to me.
"Oh, well, thanks." I said, taking it and stuffing it into my bag.
"Well, looks like you have your book after all," said Cole. "Now you won't get crushed by the Gerwin-ator." He laughed at his joke, and quiet Helen did too. I was too shocked about what was going on to get out even the slightest chuckle.
"Excuse me, I don't think we've meet," Trevor said to Cole, extending out his hand. "In fact, I think the only person I've met is Clara 'ere. Our lockers are next to each other." When he said that last part, he grinned at me and I could feel my cheeks turning redder than a bottle of ketchup.
"Well, how great for you. I'm Cole" said Cole. He had a weird tone in his voice, one I had never heard before. When he shook Trevor's hand, I could see his knuckles clenching and his veins popping out. It didn't look like one of those sturdy "I'm a good honest man with a sturdy handshake" type of handshake. It looked like a "I already don't like you so don't try any funny business with me" type of handshake.
"You've got quite a 'andshake, Cole. Strong. Do you play sports?" Trevor asked.
"Soccer. I play soccer." Cole said. He seemed like he didn't want to talk to Trevor.
"Ah, you mean football? We call it football, and that's what is should be called. After all, you use your feet. I should know, I play it too." Trevor said, returning Cole's snide attidude.
"Well, maybe we can practice sometime" Cole said, the way you say something you have no intent of actually doing.
Trevor glanced at Helen, whose nose was stuck in her textbook, doing the work written on the board. "How about you? Do you play sports?"
Helen shook her head no and went back to working. Trevor shot me a "Hey, how are you doing, pretty lady" type of look. I smiled an awkward smile back. Trevor went on to talk about the differences between British math textbooks and American ones, and after a while Cole gave me one of those "Can you believe this guy?" looks. Truth was, I didn't really see what was Cole's problem. Trevor seemed like a nice guy.

Soon the bell rung and we all went our seprete ways. As soon as we got into the hallway, Maria attacked me with questions about Trevor. Soon a bunch of other girls were talking to me, and I felt for one like I had something these girls didn't have. I was the one who knew about this kid.

By lunch, the hype at died down. Or so I thought. I was sitting at my normal table, eating my normal Hostess bread and bologna sandwich. Maria and Jackie were talking about some sale at some store in the mall, and on the other side of the table my other friends were trying to study for some test. Like I said, normal. Then, out of no where comes Trevor.
"Um, sorry to bother you Clara, but," he began. Suddenly the attention of my whole table switched to Trevor. He didn't seem to mind. "I don't really know anyone else except you and that Cole kid, and his reaction to me during Math seemed quite 'ostile. So do you think I could sit 'ere for the day? Just today, I promise."

Everyone looked at me, waiting to see what I could do next. I looked around and noticed all the other tables are looking at me too. Everyone wanted to see if I would turn down the new kid. If I, Clara Markson, the most average girl in the world (or at least this town) would let Trevor Finch, the hunky new Brit sit at my table. And me? I just wanted to take my bologna and hid in the bathroom stall. I was seriously considering just getting up and running away. But everyone was staring at me, so I just said "Sure" and soon the new kid was sitting next to me and suddenly I felt like I was that girl everyone wanted to be. But I didn't want to be that girl. I glanced over at Cole's usual table and noticed that he was looking right at me too. When his eyes got mine, he looked right down. Then he looked at Trevor, who was looking at me, and then Cole just got up. He walked away, probably to go to the bathroom or something. I wanted to get up too, but I felt like my body was glued to the seat, my soul bond to the new kid and this new attention that came with him. So I just sat there and ate my sandwich. All eyes on me, all eyes on me and the new kid.
That lunch was a blur. Even as it was happening I could feel it whirling by so fast it practically caused a tornado. Somewhere is the mix of sitting with Trevor, Trevor sitting with me, and my bologna sandwich, something amazing happened: Nothing. That's pure lack of anything happening was a miracle. I didn't say anything stupid. Milk didn't fly out of my nose when I laughed. I didn't get up to find that the whole reason he sat with me was just a cruel joke and that I really had been sitting on a chocolate donut the whole or something crazy like that. Nope, nothing.

The whole day continued, and before I knew it a week had passed. Trevor, who had now made real guy friends, still sat with me a lunch. He had almost become part of our group, to the point were we saved a seat for him at lunch. Things weren't awkward anymore and I actually started to like having him around.

Two weeks later in math the unthinkable happened. Helen was out that day, and it was just Cole, Trevor, and me. I got up to sharpen my pencil, and Trevor followed. Ms. Gerwin wasn't in the room, so the sound level had dramatically increased. Trevor came up and whispered in my ear.
"I've got a question."
Figure he needed to borrow my pencil or something, I held it out to him
"No. I mean, I've got a question." he said again, putting more emphasis on the word question.
"Then ask away." I said.
"Do you, uh, want to be my girlfriend?"
I *****, my hear stopped. I know it can't really stop, because then I'd be dead, but it might as well have. I'd never had a boyfriend before. I'd never even been asked out before.
"Okay" I whispered back. I felt his arms wrap around me in a tight hug. Then I noticed the whole class was looking at us; I think someone even clapped. I glanced around, and my eyes met with Cole's. He gave me a weird look and I felt sick to my stomach. I was now officially doing out with someone, but did I still like Cole? Of course I was, how could I not like Cole? But you can't like someone else when you have boyfriend can you? I'm going to be the worst girlfriend ever I thought to myself as Ms. Gerwin walked in and ushered everyone to settle down.
When I got home that day, my mom wasn't home again. So I went up to my room and within minutes Maria called and I invited her over. She rushed into the room, screeching like a big bird.
"OH MY GOD!! You have a boyfriend" she shouted, making herself at home on my bed.
"Yes" I said hesitantly.
"So what's the matter?" Maria said, sensing my uneasiness.
"It's just...I've never had a boyfriend. I don't know how to act."
"You don't act like anything, Clara. You just be yourself. Then you become the perfect couple and go out for all four years of high school and get voted most likely to get married and then you live happily ever after with your gorgeous babies." Maria said. "Duh."
"But what if I don't want that?" I said, feeling my big, dopey feet sink deeper into the floor.
"Who doesn't want that? The new kid is your boyfriend. It's gonna be great."
Listening to Maria blab about how lucky I was made me feel like an idiot for thinking this wasn't a good thing. Even though Trevor made me feel a little weird, I know I could be an idiot to pass up an opportunity like this. We then talked about Maria's Latin teachers unfortunate unibrow and then it was time for her to go home for dinner. My mom still wasn't home, and I'm an only child and she's divorced, so it was dinner by myself tonight. Again. Then I did my homework and went to bed early.

The next few weeks went by smooth as butter. I felt confident and proud, walking down the hallways with my loyal boyfriend in my arm. People would see us in the hall, at lunch, in math. We were inseparable. We were an item; people wouldn't refer to use as "Clara and Trevor" but as "them". I loved every aspect of having a boyfriend. I love the idea of Trevor being my boyfriend. We were THAT couple. Things moved so fast, but I was loving it. I never realized it before, but once you have a boyfriend it seems like the whole world is watching you, just waiting to do next. And god, what I did next was the stupidest thing.

I was on the bus when it happened. Cole was infront of me talking with his friend, and Trevor was next to me. He was coming over today to watch a movie. Trevor was turned around talking to Mark, 10th grader who was behind us. I was doodling in my notebook. Trevor, Trevor, Trevor I would right over and over like used to do with Cole. I would doodle little hearts, tiny balloons. My pen would continue to etch out T-r-e-v-or. I felt like I wasn't even controlling it, the letters just came out like instinct. I looked up at Cole, still doodling. I felt like my hand did something unfamilar, but my brain wasn't focused on my doodling, so I just kept writing. Looking back at Trevor, I smiled. He bent over and kissed my cheek.

"Drawing again?" he said, point to my doodles.
"Yup" I said, holding it up to him. That was probably the stupiest thing I could I have ever done in my whole life. Well, not my whole life, but it's right up there on the list with things like "swallowed a quarter" and "threw a baseball at Ms. Johnson's window".
Trevor took one look at it and said "We're over".
He got up, got off the bus, and just kept walking. I didn't know what was going on. Then I looked down at my paper and realized that that slightly unfamiliar motion was my hand making the shapes, for half the page, of a C followed by O-L-E.


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Somewhat of A Catastrophe Empty Re: Somewhat of A Catastrophe

Post  aidenLynn on Mon Mar 30, 2009 1:53 pm

oh my gosh!!! that is amazing!

I love it sooo much!

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Somewhat of A Catastrophe Empty Re: Somewhat of A Catastrophe

Post  blue on Mon Mar 30, 2009 3:25 pm

Ahh, nice. xDD

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Somewhat of A Catastrophe Empty Re: Somewhat of A Catastrophe

Post  xxMorgan on Mon Mar 30, 2009 7:23 pm

Woah! Outstanding job! : D

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Somewhat of A Catastrophe Empty Re: Somewhat of A Catastrophe

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