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The Points/Reputation System

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The Points/Reputation System Empty The Points/Reputation System

Post  chelsea on Sun Mar 29, 2009 11:14 am

The points system has to do with overall participation on the forum.

How are points calculated?
- Points generated by the number of posts
Each post you make receives one point. Except in Introduce Yourself, where posts are each 2 points, because welcoming members deserves some extra points.

- Points generated by the number of topics created
In most forums, you get 3 points per each topic you create.

- Points generated by the number of friends that the user has
2 points per friend.

- Points generated by the registration date of the member
1 point per each day registered.

- Points generated by the number of message on his profile
1 points per visitor message.

I have the power to give points to whoever I choose. I don't know exactly how I'll do that. I'll let you know when I'm more clear on it.

*The reputation system. Which is different than the points system. While the points system is used to gauge overall participation on the forum, the reputation system is used as a way of thanking a user for making a helpful topic/thanking a user for replying to your topic/etc. There's 3 parts to this.

-Negative reputation
When you give someone negative reputation, it subtracts 1 point from their reputation. This is the same in all the forums where reputation is enabled. You can use it if someone posts something inconsiderate/spamming/etc. This is NOT a report button, however. It's just reputation. So if someone is breaking the rules, REPORT them, don't just give negative rep.

-Positive reputation
When you give someone positive reputation, it adds 1 point to their reputation. This is the same in all the forums where reputation is enabled. You can use it if someone is posting something helpful/nice, and things like that.

-Thanks button
The Thanks button is displayed on only topics that YOU made. And it can only be used once per topic. If someone gave the best answer to one of your questions or something like that, then you would click the Thanks button. This adds 1 reputation point to the member's reputation.

I will take this down if it's being abused. Please remember that it's just for fun.

Oh yeah, and I'm sure you'll be wondering where the reputation vote things ARE... they're the little + and - signs that are at the top right of a post.

Thanks to BB over the the GS Forum for clearing this up. Hope you don't mind I use it. lol.

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